barbara swicegoodBarbara Swicegood Fisher joined the Garden Club in 2006, and served as treasurer in 2007 and 2008.  In 2008, she served a dual role of treasurer and 1st Vice President, but did not want to assume the presidency at that time. She has been a member of the wonderful Garden of the Month committee since 2011 and does the monthly GOM write ups. 

Professionally, Barbara is a psychotherapist working with a very distinct and specialized population-attachment disordered and traumatized kids and adolescents.  

Currently Barbara has created two new programs in an effort to deal with the painful situations in our world.  They are Heart Healing Resources, which is a series of spiritual workshops and Brain Healing Resources which is the utilization of neurofeedback to heal brain circuitry problems caused by Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, anxiety, depression and/or other traumas.

Barbara lives in Avondale at Stratford Green with her beautiful dog, Connor Paul and her equally beautiful and interesting cat, Chaz Franklin.

k kingsburyKathy Kingsbury

t maherSue Sneed

christine mcmahanChristine McMahan has worked for more than 35 years as a graphic designer, first for print and now website design and development. She specializes in small business marketing, branding and internet presence.  I would add non-profit organizations to the list of her specialties!   Christine has her own company called “The Biz Wizard”.  In addition to her high level of participation with Avon Garden Club, Christine is also very active with Avondale Community Club and a board member of the Avondale Historic Preservation Commission as well as the Architecturlal Review board. 

She is a long-time Avondale Estates resident.  She has said:  “ even though I love what I do, there are some days I would so much rather be out in the garden.”  Christine has served as recording secretary for several years.  Now that the club has created the position of Communications Secretary, Christine has been nominated for that new position.  Her duties will include maintaining the Club website as well as distributing our electronic newsletters.

alice guppyChristy Brown

bruce johnstonBruce Johnston has lived in Avondale Estates for almost 21 years and one of the first things she did upon her move was to join Avon Garden Club, thanks to an invitation from Phoebe Stephens.  Since being a member of Avon, she has served as recording secretary, treasurer, 2nd vice president/program chair and president before re-joining the Board two years ago as First Vice President.  “The Club has meant so much to me throughout the years—members have seen me through good times and bad.  I’m always impressed at how many strong and interesting women we have as members.” 

She has recently retired after working 43 years in the Social Security Disability program.  Bruce enjoys being with her family, traveling, playing bridge, playing with her four cats, and digging in the dirt.