img 11Members of the Avon Garden Club working on a beautification project for the
Avondale Elementary School grounds

Bruce Johnston, Chair: The Club provides docents for the Christmas Tour of Homes sponsored by the Avondale Community Club.

Club members also donate their time to work at the Holiday Market associated with the Tour. Approximately 35 members are expected to participate in this endeavor.

Bruce Johnston, Chair: The Club has developed and maintains a relationship with Avondale Elementary School (AES)

This initiative includes donating money, plant material, and physical labor to beautify the school’s ground. Club members collect school materials, such as books and winter apparel for the school’s students.

The club works with representatives from AES to apply for a Beautification and Environmental Education (BEE) Grant from the DeKalb Federation of Garden Clubs with one member accompanying the BEE Federation Chair to the on-site visit that is part of the grant requirements.

The entire student body and staff both benefit from the Club’s involvement with AES. Generally around 20 club members participate in working at the school while the entire membership participates in donating school supplies and other items for the students.

Alana Graves, Chair: Each year club members gather to create wreaths of live greenery for use in the City of Avondale Estates. Generally 15-20 members participate in creating wreaths.

Alana Graves, Chair: With the City Manager and staff, the club funds plants and other materials for beautification of public areas in the City.

We believe that all the residents of our City of Avondale Estates benefit from our efforts at beautification within the city limits. Approximately 40 members participate in these endeavors.

Bruce Johnston, Chair: The Club works with the City of Avondale Estates, planting trees throughout the neighborhood.

The club donates money to support the annual Tree Walk sponsored by Avondale Estates Garden Club. Generally about 10 members are involved in this effort.

Kathy Deprey and Mary Galpin, Co-Chairs:
Monthly Collection Bins: (continuing and enhanced) Recycling bins: the Environmental Committee will have collection bins at each monthly meeting. A bin will be dedicated to aluminum pull tabs; another to magazines, which will be recycled to a nursing home. A third bin will be available to recycle plastic pill bottles for use by a non-profit organization which provides prescription medications to medically underserved countries. Another bin will be used for “recycling item of the month” which can include such items as batteries, gloves or mittens. All members are encouraged to participate in all recycling efforts. All members participate in our recycling efforts.
Post-Halloween Litter Pickup (continuing) On November 1st all club members are encouraged to gather to scour the City streets to pick-up litter left behind by Trick or Treaters. Generally a quarter of the Club participate in this activity which is done in cooperation with DeKalb Clean and Beautiful.
Make and take: (new) Members will have the opportunity to participate in optional crafting activities after each meeting. The purpose is to take materials that would normally be discarded and turn them into useful and/or decorative reimagined items.
Environmental Table (new): An area will be set aside at each meeting for a new Swap Spot for members to bring and take plants, seeds, gardening magazines, etc.

Christi Granger and Alana Graves, Chairs:

Avon Garden Club has undertaken the task of refurbishing a prominent plaza within the City limits of Avondale Estates.

The Club worked with local gardening professionals to draw up a landscape plan and then execute the plan.

Drought tolerant, low maintenance plants have been installed, spring bulbs planted and a grassy play area has been refreshed. Maintenance has been taken over by the City with the Club providing oversight.

Generally 8-10 members work on this initiative.

Connie Bryans, Chair:

AGC’s Garden of the Month Committee recognizes an outstanding garden each month, posting the Garden of the Month sign in front of the selected home or public space.

A photograph and description is published in the City Newsletter. The Garden of the Month committee hosts a Christmas season celebration to honor the Garden of the Month recipients. The Committee’s six members choose the Garden of the Month. The committee members plus seven board members attend the celebration held for the benefit of the Garden of the Month honorees.

Alice Sheehan, Chair: The Club maintains a relationship with Mountain View, a nursing facility for indigent elderly county residents.

As part of the relationship club members provide monthly birthday parties for residents during which Club members provide birthday cake and ice cream.

The parties provide an opportunity for Club members to interact with residents for fun and conversation.

Residents are invited to the Club’s annual Pancake Breakfast with Club members providing transportation.

The birthday parties are attended by 2-3 Club members.

Carolyn Chandler and Jean Kingsbury, Chairs:

The Youth Committee plans activities and resources for students at the Avondale Elementary School.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for the students to have enriching experiences in the arts, gardening, plants, and the environment.

The two co-chairs carry out this project in its entirety.