flower for showFor Horticultural Exhibits
Let’s have more AGC members enter the Yellow Daisy Flower Show!
It would be great to have at least one entry by most members, not just lots of entries by a few members. If you’ve entered specimens before, call a member of our club who has not and offer to help them. Go see the Flower Show!

1.    Naming: You must have completed NGC Hort. Entry Card (HE Cards)!

       a)  Get Cards and/or HELP from FS Co-chairs the week before.  Committee does not have time to help with cards, day of show.
       b)  Only turn in as many specimens as you have completed HE CARDS!

            i.    Correct genus, species and cultivar
           ii.     label should be neat and legible
           iii.    Two Adhesive Address Labels per card are useful (bottom label must not cover fold)

      c)    You will be given bottles in which to place your specimens.   FSC members will attach completed HE Cards.   You’re done!

2.    Look for Cultural Perfection:
      a)    Prime maturity, ideal and well balanced bloom
      b)    Ideal for size and clear color  which is typical of variety
      c)    Stems strong and in good proportion
      d)    Healthy, vigorous, well groomed and clean
      e)    No signs of poor cultural practices
      f)    Cut specimens showing several nodes, may not exceed 30” from cut end to tip of stem, 24” for ivy and vines.

flower show3.    Grooming:  Remove dirt as well as signs of insecticides & damaged leaves

4.    Collections: Obtain specimens with uniformity of size, length and flowers

5.    Container Grown:

     a)    Must be in exhibitor’s possession at least 90 days

     b)    May not exceed 12” at widest point

     c)    Container is part of the exhibit and must be appropriate

     d)    Free of salts and or soil build-up or other stains

     e)    No hanging plants for YDF

     f)    Fruits and Vegetables:

           i.    Uniform in size, color, shape and maturity

          ii.    Free of blemish and insect damage, not washed, waxed or polished

Based on The Handbook for Flower Shows, National Council of State Garden Clubs, Revised 2007.  Borrow our copy.