Contact committee members 1 month or at least 2 weeks before the assigned luncheon to arrange a meeting and/or assign duties.
  • If a committee member is unable to serve on that date she is responsible for getting a sub and notifying the Hostess Chair of the change.
  • Keys: the luncheon chair should contact Jean Kingsbury at 404 698 7575 for information regarding the code to unlock the lock box (containing keys) at the club house and to learn the location of the pantry key.
  • Setup can usually be done the Wednesday before the luncheon.  Prepare coffee pot (3 ½ C of coffee for 48 servings).  Place gavel on table, sign-in book on card table (both stored in foyer desk).
  • Tablecloths:  Bruce Johnston (404-297-4107) Call before picking them up and return clean.
  • Committee may thoughtfully wish to accommodate different diets.
  • Chair calls Telephone Chair Sunday prior to luncheon to get a head count (AGC will pay $3/guest).
  • Chair collects all expense receipts.  Remind committee members to bring cash to divide expenses after the luncheon.
Normal Setup by porter:
  • Dance hall:  64 chairs arranged in a semi-circle facing the kitchen, 1 long table, 1 card table for guest book, American flag on a stand.
  • Dining room:  8 round tables, each with 8 chairs (64)
  • Foyer:  Reserved for Speaker sign
  • Jean Kingsbury (404-254-1560) for any setup requirements other than above, 1 week in advance.

  • At 9:15 a.m. open club for board meeting and luncheon preparation and start coffee pot!
  • Place “Reserved for Speaker” sign in front of 1st parking space.