gom dec 17

Christine Hunsaker and Kellie Rowker
1161 Hess Drive

Our December selection for Garden of the Month reflects a style and plan to “create beautiful spaces where people want to spend time.”

Christine and Kellie’s home and their garden definitely fit that description!

Because their careers call them away from that wonderful space more hours than they’d like, they got their friend Pam Dooley who owns “Plants LLC” on College Avenue to use her professional skills, creating a blend of beauty and minimal care. She also helped them by installing a watering system that not only can be operated remotely, but is also “Smart” in that it senses weather changes rather than just a being on a timer. Because the house is on a corner, they really have “two front yards”. The side facing Banbury Cross is masterfully arranged around tall, mature trees adjacent to a beautiful back garden. In the other part of the corner facing Hess, colorful pansies border the front beds which contain shrubs and new yoshino cherry trees as well as a lovely new Japanese maple almost the same color as the red trim on the home’s windows.

As the garden matures, it will become more and more the kind of space where they’ll want to spend more time, as well as being a special gift to all who pass by!