gom jan 2018

Bill & Barbara Clark
11 South Avondale Plaza

Our choice for the first garden of 2018 is that of Bill and Barbara Clark at 11 South Avondale Plaza. In their 12 years here, the garden has undergone a lovely maturation, which is still in process.

Because of their rather unique location and the angle of their 1925 home, (they sit at an “entry” to Avondale), just across from the familiar “triangle” where horses were staged for parades in years gone by, the welcome and lovely yard is an important one to our city. Bill and Barbara initially got their friend, Lisa Shortell, to help them move a few plants and get the garden to a good “beginning state”, since not much had been done in a long time. Thus, they didn’t need to do much for 3 or 4 years.

Later, they blended their talent with that of Camille Harvey for a more comprehensive plan for foundation plantings. Bill has created several paths of pea gravel which add integrity to the exterior design of the 1925 home’s surround, and some Leland cypress trees to lend a border between theirs and their neighbors’ side yard, creating a special little “outdoor patio”.

The beautiful granite wall, recently added, was done partially because Bill has such fond memories of his mom’s wall in front of the home where she lived near Agnes Scott, as well as creating a beautiful border between the steep slope of the yard as it connects to the front walkway. They have more plans for improvements as this beautiful garden continues to change and improve, as all our spaces tend to do over the years!

What a lovely garden to begin our “procession” of Gardens of the Month for 2018!