gom 03 18
Lorraine Munagian
3 Dartmouth Avenue

The Avon Garden of the month for March is located at 3 Dartmouth, home of Lorraine Munagian, who has lived there since 2002.

Having moved to Atlanta from Wisconsin, there was a considerable change in style and type of garden to be had here in the south. Fortunately, the front garden was in good shape at the time, though the back basically consisted of one dead tree. Since the front yard looked so nice, she kept the existing lawn service company. Soon, the company sprayed a pesticide on it that killed all the grass. What to do???

They had the yard professionally leveled, then planted fescue which has done extremely well, with the combined efforts of Lorraine and Kent Richard. Lorraine also used the professional skills of Lisa Shortell to design both front and back gardens, and today the results are aesthetically pleasing and naturally beautiful!

The roses, bronze and gold spirea, dwarf “firepower” nandina, bronze leaf azaleas, and boxwoods in front, as well as back garden plantings, because they were carefully chosen, offer balance and interest at the same time, mostly bordering and accenting the large expanse of space.

In a month when most gardens aren’t looking their best, this one shines through, challenging nature to shout out “It’s springtime, and I’m beautiful!”