august 18 gom

Jarrett Muncy and Ben Dostal
10 Melford Place

When they moved to Avondale 5 years ago, Ben and Jarrett’s garden presented three difficult and invasive plants: Bamboo, Wisteria, and English Ivy. Wisely, they got rid of the Wisteria (though they still have to “patrol” to keep it from creeping over their fence). Jarrett says they have contained the bamboo in back, and the English Ivy now provides a carpet for the space under the gorgeous Silver Maple tree that anchors the rear left corner of their front garden. In front of the Maple toward the street are two beautiful crepe Myrtles.

This is the first and only Garden of the Month that has a “magic zone”. It is the area where the owners’ choice of red and white Impatiens resides, at the edge of their front porch. That must be the reason they are so vibrant and full! Completing the collection are Lavender, Jasmine, and dark green shrubs that provide the color to accent their lovely Avondale home. Ben and Jarrett changed the shrubs in front of the covered porch from a continuous row, leaving just those on either side of the steps so that the clean lines of the home are more visible and defined. Then, they added the decorative glass behind the Boston Fern, providing just the perfect amount of “pop”.

The Limelight Hydrangea in the right rear corner draws your eye to that side of the driveway, and balances with the lovely plantings to the left, on the open porch. Another positive change came last September when they upgraded the “mostly weed” yard to “perfect sod”. We’ll wish them another “magic zone” with that grass as well! It’s obvious that patience and tenacity have paid off in this garden!!!! Well Done!