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Dee & Tom Merriam
8 Lakeview Place

Long-time residents of Avondale, Dee is a gifted Landscape Architect who has donated tireless hours of her exceptional skills to the community, and she has also created a lovely front garden for all to enjoy!

In 2014, she and Tom decided to update the front porch entry design by incorporating beautiful steps that gently lead guests to the front door of their lovely home. 

After that, they began adding to the landscape to further complement their home’s architecture.  An existing tall pine was a mainstay, but knowing that it wouldn’t live forever, Dee wisely planted a new water oak in front of it.  She then moved toward the back of the pine near the left corner of the front porch and planted a gorgeous “Orange Dream Japanese Maple”, its brilliant lime green spring foliage changing to bright orange/yellow in autumn.

Then, she balanced the look with a lovely native dogwood across from it in front of the porch. From hellibores to hyacinths (Spanish Bluebells) to hydrangeas, pansies and violas to parsley, gumpos to gardenias, the front plantings echo the fine taste of its owners.  

An extension of their home, this garden is soulful and collected, not an organized plan from a catalog.