gom april 19

John & Angela Laughter
15 Kensington Road

For April, we have chosen the front garden of John and Angela Laughter at 15 Kensington Road who have lived in their lovely home since 2007.

If you hear ghosts whispering among the leaves, Angela will swear they’re from one of the “angels” who have helped develop the inviting landscape. She and John “inherited” the great beginnings, like the lovely cryptomeria, azaleas, camelias, and gardenias from the home’s previous owner, June Willis.

Angela also gives big kudos to Steve Geiger whose insight and advice over the years on what would grow well in a certain area, like the lovely “Little Gem” Magnolia near the left corner of the front porch, and the dogwood across from it on the right corner. His advice and physical work have helped shape and balance the spaces.

Mike Bierman has also exercised his expertise, bringing color and edibles into the mix; he is also responsible for keeping the garden looking its best in all seasons. All in all, this lovely yard complements and enhances the overall curb appeal of Avondale’s front gardens.