Avon Garden Club’s Constitution ARTICLE III:  MEMBERSHIP states that “Membership in the Club is open to individuals who meet the qualifications for membership stated in the Club’s Bylaws”, which follow.

Section 1:  Membership in the Club is open to any individual who supports the purpose of the Avon Garden Club, which is to stimulate interest in home gardening, the beautification and ecological stewardship of Avondale Estates, and who:
  • pays dues in accordance with Article II of these Bylaws
  • has agreed to serve on at least one (1) Club committee for the coming fiscal year as assigned by the President; members are invited to advise the President of the member’s particular areas of interest and/or expertise
  • has agreed to serve on a Luncheon Committee for one (1) General Membership meeting during the coming fiscal year and share in the cost of the luncheon

Exceptions are the Executive Board members (who host the annual Holiday Dinner), and other members as determined by the Executive Board
ii Each member will sign up for a Luncheon Committee for the month of the member’s choice for the coming fiscal year no later than the March General Membership meeting, or be assigned to a month by the Host Chair
iii If a Luncheon Committee member is unable to serve on the chosen or assigned date, the member is responsible for getting a substitute and timely notifying the Host Chair of the change

  • regularly attends Club meetings, functions and supports the various projects of the Club
  • Supports the Club fundraising: In addition to donating time and effort to the event, each member is responsible for selling a minimum number of tickets or making an equivalent donation to the Annual Pancake Breakfast and Boutique. The number of tickets to be sold or the amount of the donation to be made is to be determined annually by the Board.

Section 2:  A member may invite guests to attend any General Membership meeting.  A non-member may attend no more than two (2) meetings.
Section 3:  Any member may resign from the Club by written notice to the President.

Section 1:  The Board will set Club dues annually, no later than the March meeting. Dues are payable no later than the April meeting for the coming year.
Section 2:  New members who join the Club after the November meeting will pay one-half (½) of the annual dues for the remainder of the fiscal year.
Section 3:  A member’s failure to pay dues for the coming fiscal year by the April General Membership meeting constitutes the member’s resignation from the Club.