Standing Committees

Bylaws Article IV: Standing Committees: The President shall appoint such committees as shall be needed to do the work of the club from June to June. The President is on all Committees except Nominating.

Kathy Deprey
Jane Howe, Chair
Candy Jones
Kerry Quinn

Alicia Larocc, Chair
Sue Sneed       
Barbara Swicegood fisher

Kathy Deprey, Co-Chair
Mary Galpin, Co-Chair
Michele Spears
Stephany Cross
Chris Kiefer
Jennifer Houpt
Mary Fite
Helen Thompson
Beverly McElroy
Wanda Belline
Rosemary Mosteller
Melitta Brandt
Rosemary Cox
Sarah Zimney
Connie Bryans, Chair
Pat Maddox
Mary Lou Oeschner
Suzy Jennings
Carolyn Smith
Kathy Delaney - write-ups

Pat Brown, Chair
Stephany Cross
Jurate Juska

Alicia Larocco - Chair
Helen Thompson Chair
Elaine Mizell
Sue Sneed, Chair

Jennifer Houpt, Chair
Alana Graves
Taylor St. Clair
Karyl DAvis

Suzy Jennings, Co-Chair
Beverly McElroy, Co-Chair
Alice Guppy
Donna Ailion
Catherine Chastain
Jeannie Schoelles
Erika Brown

Linda Coatsworth, Chair

Alana Graves, Chair
Elaine Mizel
Ellie Smith
Mary Galpin
Cathy Brackett
Melitta Brandt
Kerry quinn

Ctherine Brackett, Chair
Kerry Quinn
Carolyn Chandler, Co-Chair
Jean Kingsbury, Co-Chair

Mary Ann Anziano, Chair
Peggy Burgess
Marcia Partin
Kathy Cavalaro
Gene Lewis
Joy Cole

Bruce Johnston, Chair
Linda Mast
Catherine Chastain
Linda Coatsworth, Photographer

Taylor St. Clair, Chair
Melitta Brandt
Dorothy Karnandanis

Candy Jones, Chair
Jane Howe
Christine McMahan
Michele Spears - Artist
Carol Gray - Calligraphy

Kathy Kingsbury, Chair
Alice Sheehan
Melitta Brandt
Peggy Burgess
Pat Maddox
Alice Sheehan
JoAnn Thompson
Ellie Smith
Sharon Annan
Chris Kiefer, Co-Chair
Michele Spears, Co-Chair
Kathy Delaney
Penny Abraham
Terry Followill
Shannon Annan
Rosemary Cox